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Our Values


Students are the reason we are here, and their education is our primary responsibility. We recognize that residents of the region should have an opportunity to enroll and be successful in college.

Benefit of Education

Individuals who have the opportunities to:

  1. Develop their abilities
  2. Engage in critical and creative thinking
  3. Participate in lifelong learning
  4. Succeed in a competitive global work environment
  5. Exhibit responsible citizenship benefit society as well as themselves


Achieving the Los Rios mission and vision requires effective communication within the college and with the communities served by the college; civil and honest, this communication should promote mutual respect and trust.

Community Development

The college's curriculum in the arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, mathematics, career and technical education, and the college's co-curricular programs and support services benefit the community by promoting cognitive development, intellectual growth, physical well-being, student volunteerism, and economic progress.


Because Los Rios is a community valuing the varied perspectives and experiences of students, faculty and staff, the college offers educational opportunities for enhancing cultural awareness, supporting diversity, and promoting the free exchange of ideas and the development of a culturally competent and inclusive college community.


As our most valued resource, faculty, and staff members are entitled to a safe, secure, and supportive work environment and a culture that recognizes excellence; encourages meaningful involvement in interest-based, decision-making process; and provides opportunities for professional development, service, and leadership.


Excellence is essential for accomplishing our mission to help students identify their educational goals and achieve successful learning and for supporting the college's employees and serving our community and region.

Fiscal Responsibility

Observing fiscally sound, efficient, transparent, and accountable practices is essential to achieving our mission.

Innovation and Risk Taking

Creativity, flexibility, and responsible risk-taking support achievement of the our mission.


Responsible leadership and service by faculty, staff, and students is actively cultivated, so the colleges can achieve improvement in student learning and support positive contributions to the community.

Research and Evaluation

Ongoing, data-based research and evaluation contribute to achieving student learning outcomes and the assurance that all operations support the vision, mission, and values of our colleges.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student success results from identifying, assessing, and improving student learning outcomes and allocating resources that support effective, innovative, and flexible learning opportunities.


Recognizing its leadership role in the stewardship of natural resources, Los Rios is committed to reducing its negative impact on the environment.


Responsible and effective use of technology supports our mission and helps students develop the skills necessary for being successful in the contemporary environment.

Approved by Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees on May 10, 2017.