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Community college enrollment fees are set by the California State Legislature. All fees are subject to change.

2020-2021 Mandatory Fees

Fee Name Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Refundable
Resident tuition and enrollment $46 per unit $46 per unit $46 per unit Yes
Non-resident tuition and enrollment $353 per unit $353 per unit $353 per unit Yes
Foreign student application fee 1 $50 $50 $50 No
Student representation fee N/A $2 $2 Yes
  • 1 The foreign student application fee applies to international students who are not legal US residents or permanent residents.

Fee Descriptions

Tuition and Enrollment Fee

Refundable: Yes. Learn more about refunds.

Tuition and enrollment fees are charged per unit of enrollment. These fees are set by the State of California and are subject to change at any time. Students who have registered for classes prior to an increase may be required to pay the additional amount.

Foreign Student Application Fee

Refundable: No.

The foreign student application fee applies to all international students. Some international students may be exempt from paying this fee if they demonstrate economic hardship. Read Regulation R-2251 Nonresident and International Student Fees to learn more.

Student Representation Fee

Refundable: Yes.

The student representation fee supports student government in its effort to advocate and lobby for legislative issues that affect students.

$1 of every $2 fee supports the operations of a statewide community college student organization that is recognized by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges (Assembly Bill 1504). This statewide organization provides for student representation and participation in state-level community college shared governance as well as governmental affairs representatives to advocate before the legislature and other state and local governmental entities.

Students can refuse to pay this fee based on moral, religious, political, or financial grounds. To be exempted from paying the fee, submit the Student Representation Fee Exemption Form, preferably before you pay your fees.

This fee was established under provision of California Education Code section 76060.5 and California Code of Regulations, Title V, sections 54801-54805.