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English and Math Placement

Place into the Right Classes

Los Rios Colleges Online students are expected to meet certain English and math readiness before being admitted into an academic program. After you apply, we determine your English and math readiness by using your high school or college records. If these records are not readily available, then we may ask you to use our guided self-placement tool.

After your English and math levels have been determined, you will receive an official email from Los Rios Colleges Online with the next steps you need to take. We will determine your readiness level using one of the following methods:

Use High School Records for Placement

You will be automatically placed into English and math classes if you:

  • Graduated from a US high school within the last ten years
  • Included all of the requested information about your high school records on your college application

You can view your placement results in your eServices account. From your eServices dashboard, click on the Academic Record tile, then Placements.

Submit Your High School Records for Placement

If you graduated from a US high school within the last ten years but you did not report your high school information on your application, then you can submit your unofficial high school transcripts to receive your English and math course placements.

Use College Records for Placement

If you attended another college (outside of Los Rios), then you can provide college transcripts showing that you passed certain classes. Additional forms may be necessary depending on the college and course.

Use Guided Self-Placement

If you have been out of high school for more than ten years, have foreign high school transcripts, or left high school without graduating, then you will likely use the guided self-placement tool to determine English and math readiness.

After you complete guided self-placement, your placements will be updated eServices overnight.