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Equity and Diversity

All four colleges of the Los Rios Community College District are located in the diverse Sacramento region. Our colleges believe that diversity and social justice are key parts of your education.

As a student, you will be introduced to new environments, cultures, and experiences. These values better prepare you to transfer and to take the next steps in your career. They are also a part of our policies and regulations.

This section will address important information about your rights, responsibilities and resources as a student of the Los Rios Community College District.


All of our colleges must follow the policies and regulations that have been written by our state and local leaders.

Some of these policies and regulations explain the expectations for student conduct that are often called the student rights and responsibilities or standards of student conduct.

These regulations were created to serve as a guide for students to understand how to engage in learning and avoid behaviors that disrupt learning and risk the health and safety of our college communities. They also inform students of the consequences that they could face if they violate any of these behaviors.

These regulations discuss matters such as:

  • The requirement of identifying an education and career goal
  • Expression of personal opinion through free assembly, organizations, and participation on campus matters that directly affect students
  • Tolerance of diverse opinions inside the classroom and on college grounds
  • Violation of the rights of others in all forms
  • The proper use of college computers and computer systems
  • Maintenance of the District as a drug and alcohol free space
  • Just student academic evaluation
  • Filing of grievances

Rights and Responsibilities

The Rights and Responsibilities also outline the resources that can help students to resolve situations that may disrupt learning.

There are people at Los Rios who can help you to address sensitive or confidential incidents as they occur within our college spaces. Some examples of resources that our colleges offer include support for instances of discrimination by other students, staff or faculty, access to resources for students with disabilities, and support for incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence.

If you feel that your learning is being interrupted by something that is out of your control, or by something that is disrupting your academics, then contact a faculty or staff member.

For more detailed information about student rights and responsibilities, please contact an equity or discipline officer.