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Student Resources

Supporting you outside of the classroom.

Get the Help You Need to Succeed

Los Rios Colleges Online offers a full spectrum of resources and support services to help you reach your academic goals. Take advantage of programs and services for which you may be eligible, including tutoring, financial help, and support for 

  • Free tutoring
  • Financial aid
  • State and federal assistance programs
  • Support for those with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities

Contact a Success Coach

After you're accepted into a Los Rios Colleges Online program, you will be assigned a success coach to support you through your academic journey.

You can contact your success coach for any reason and at any time – whether you want to make an appointment, ask a question, or share news about your life. We want to hear from you!

Contact a Success Coach

Explore Support Services


Explore your interests, discover new ideas, and get help with your research with the Los Rios libraries.


The Los Rios colleges assist veterans, reservists, and dependents of service-connected disabled or deceased veterans with their educational...

Undocumented Students

At Los Rios we define undocumented to include all immigrants who reside in the US without legal status. Learn about resources for...