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The Los Rios colleges offer dozens of online degrees and certificates in high-demand, high-wage fields, including transfer degrees.

Online Programs at American River College

  • Accounting (AA, Certificate)
  • Accounting (Certificate)
  • Activity Leader, Coordinator, and Director Training (Certificate)
  • Administration of Justice (AS, AST)
  • Advanced Proficiency Certificate in English as a Second Language (Certificate)
  • Anthropology (AAT, AS)
  • Business Administration 2.0 (AST)
  • Business Information Worker (Certificate)
  • CIS: Microcomputer Applications (Certificate)
  • Communication Studies (AAT)
  • Computer Applications for Small Business (Certificate)
  • Computer Information Security Essentials (Certificate)
  • Conflict Management (Certificate)
  • Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution (Certificate)
  • Deaf Culture and American Sign Language Studies (AA, Certificate)
  • Economics (AAT)
  • English (AAT)
  • English Communication and Literature (AA)
  • Entrepreneurship (Certificate)
  • Family Child Care (Certificate)
  • Film (AA, Certificate)
  • Fire Technology (AA, Certificate)
  • General Business (AA)
  • General Business - Introduction (Certificate)
  • General Science (AS)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (AS, Certificate)
  • Geography (AAT)
  • Gerontology (AA)
  • History (AAT)
  • History of the Creative Arts (AA)
  • Honors Transfer (Certificate)
  • Interior Retail Merchandising (Certificate)
  • Internet Marketing (Certificate)
  • Language Studies (AA)
  • Law Office Clerical Assistant (Certificate)
  • Leadership (AA, Certificate)
  • Management (AA, Certificate)
  • Mathematics (AS, AST)
  • Music (AA, AAT)
  • Music Instructional Assistant (Certificate)
  • Music Management and Promotion (Certificate)
  • Network Administration Essentials - Windows (Certificate)
  • Office Technology (Certificate)
  • Paralegal Studies (AA, Certificate)
  • Philosophy (AAT)
  • Physical Science/Mathematics (AS)
  • Project Management (Certificate)
  • Real Estate (AA, Certificate)
  • Real Estate Sales (Certificate)
  • Retail Management (WAFC) (Certificate)
  • Small Business Management (AA)
  • Social Justice Studies: Race and Ethnicity (AAT)
  • Social Justice Studies: Women, Gender, and LGBTQ Studies (AAT)
  • Spanish (AAT)
  • Studio Jazz/Pop Voice Instructor (Certificate)
  • Studio Music Instructor (Certificate)
  • Studio Voice Instructor (Certificate)
  • Taxation (Certificate)
  • Technical Communications (Certificate)
  • The Individual and Society (AA)
  • Virtual Office Professional (Certificate)
  • Web Publishing (Front-End) (Certificate)

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Online Programs at Cosumnes River College

  • Applied Communication Skills (Certificate)
  • Business Administration (AST)
  • Business, General (Certificate)
  • Business: Entrepreneurship (Certificate)
  • CIS - Computer Programmer - SQL (Certificate)
  • CIS - Database Design (Certificate)
  • CIS - Information Systems Security (Certificate)
  • CIS - Relational Database Administration (Certificate)
  • Communication Studies (AAT)
  • Communication, Organizational Communication (AA)
  • Cybersecurity (Certificate)
  • General Business (AA)
  • Green Buildings (Certificate)
  • Health Information Coding Specialist (Certificate)
  • Health Information Technology (AS)
  • Liberal Arts - Arts and Humanities (AA)
  • Liberal Arts - Communications and Writing (AA)
  • Liberal Arts - Math and Science (AA)
  • Liberal Arts - Social and Behavioral Sciences (AA)
  • Management in Business (Certificate)
  • Plant Based Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture (Certificate)
  • Social Justice Studies: Women, Gender and LGBTQ Studies (AAT)
  • Social Justice Studies: Race and Ethnicity (AAT)
  • Sustainability (Certificate)

Get Started at CRC

Online Programs at Folsom Lake College

  • Accounting (AA, Certificate)
  • Accounting Computer Applications (Certificate)
  • Applied Communication Skills (Certificate)
  • Business Administration (AST)
  • Business Analyst/Data Analytics (AA)
  • Business Information Worker I (Certificate)
  • Business Information Worker II (Certificate)
  • Business: General (AA)
  • Business: General Transfer (AA)
  • Clay Arts (Certificate)
  • Communication Studies (AAT)
  • Computer Programming (Certificate)
  • Digital Fabrication (Certificate)
  • ECE-Assistant Teacher (Certificate)
  • Economics (AAT)
  • Geographic Information Systems (Certificate)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication and English (AA)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Pre-Law (AA)
  • International Entrepreneurship/Global Exporting (Certificate)
  • Mathematics (AST, AS)
  • Mobile Programming (Certificate)
  • Physical Computing and the Internet of Things (Certificate)
  • Pre-Clinical Laboratory Scientist Trainee (Certificate)
  • Project Management (Certificate)
  • Psychology (AAT)
  • Public Management/Civil Service (Certificate)
  • Public Management/Civil Service (AA)
  • Real Estate Sales (Certificate)
  • Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship (Certificate)
  • Small Business Management: Entrepreneurship (AA)
  • STEM Math (Certificate)

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Online Programs at Sacramento City College

  • Administration of Justice (AST)
  • Advanced CISCO Networking (Certificate)
  • Anthropology (AAT)
  • Architectural/Structural Design (AS, Certificate)
  • CAD Technology (Certificate)
  • Community Studies (AA, Certificate)
  • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (AS, Certificate)
  • Business Administration (AST)
  • Business, General (AS)
  • Electric (Power-Lighting Systems) (AS, Certificate)
  • Engineering Design Technology (AS, Certificate)
  • English (AAT)
  • Entrepreneurship (Certificate)
  • Front-End Web Developer (Certificate)
  • Geography (AAT)
  • Gerontology (AS)
  • Global Studies (AAT)
  • History (AA, AAT)
  • Information Processing Technician (Certificate)
  • International Studies (AA)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts and Humanities (AA)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences (AA)
  • Management (AS, Certificate)
  • Management Information Science (AS, Certificate)
  • Mechanical (HVAC/Piping/Plumbing Systems) (AS, Certificate)
  • Network Administration (AS, Certificate)
  • Psychology (AA, AAT)
  • Sociology (AA, AAT)
  • Web Developer (Certificate)
  • Web Production Specialist (Certificate)

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Get Ready for Online Learning

Get Ready for Online Learning

If you're considering enrolling in online classes, then check out our online learning resources.

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

The current tuition and enrollment fee for residents is $46 per unit. For non-residents, tuition is $370 per unit. Learn about other fees, including foreign student application fee, student representation fee, and health services fee.

Tuition and Fees

Academic Calendar and Deadlines

Academic Calendar and Deadlines

Find academic calendar dates, including semester start and end dates, holidays, and deadlines to add or drop classes, withdraw from classes, and petition for pass/no pass.

Academic Calendar and Deadlines